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BSE - 2017


  • Dr. Rekha Mala

    Last month when my family and I decided to move from Kolkata to Patna, I had a major concern for my child: a good school and environment. When looking for schools I had very high standards of what I was looking for. I wanted a place where it could be a home away from home for my son, as more or less I wanted my son to be admitted in boarding school. As I came to know about Boarding School Exhibition I am fully assured that at we will find this instantly. 

    Dr. Rekha Mala
  • Radhika Singh

    My kids always wanted to study in boarding school but being a business person this was not possible for me to visit each and every school. They are in class four now and have grown very naughty. I always wished that they learn the discipline and develop the habits like a boarding school student. Now The  Boarding School Exhibition 2017 is being hosted in my town and we are all set to find one of the best boarding schools for our kids.

    Radhika Singh
  • Sabina

    It is for the first time that we will be enrolling our son in boarding school. The Boarding School Exhibition 2017 is giving an excellent opportunity. This exhibition will surely benefit many parents like me who were continuously looking for good boarding schools but were unable to find the right one. This exhibition is bringing up several boarding schools together with various advantages.   

  • Saurabh Jha

    After much searching for the right boarding school, I was fed up but as I heard about Times Boarding School Exhibition 2016 I am fully excited.  I wanted my son to be in the best boarding schools, but due to lack of resources and time, I wasn't able to find a perfect boarding school for him. As I heard about this exhibition from one of my friend I left aside my all tension and worries. At first, it was a bit unbelievable for me that such a huge event I going to take place in Patna but as he confirmed the news I am looking forward to attending this exhibition with my family.

    Saurabh Jha
  • Aman Kashyap

    Words truly can't express how grateful I am to Boarding School Exhibition. I was looking for a boarding school for my daughter from months but didn't found. I'm lucky to say finally at this expo I will find a best one. My daughter is in the primary class and has truly blossomed mentally and it's the perfect time to put her in a boarding school. I am thankful that Times Boarding Schools Exhibition is giving this opportunity to me and my family to meet the best boarding schools under one roof.

    Aman Kashyap
  • Satyam

    I am a working professional and have 10 year old son. Till date me and my wife looked after him but now my wife had got an opportunity to work in government sector, so we were very much worried about our son’s future. As we both hail from Bihar so we don’t have much options for sending our kid to boarding school. But thanks to Fair Planners who is hosting Boarding school Exhibition in Patna itself. We are 100% sure that we will get best school for our son.

  • Vidhi Agrawal

    I am a housewife and mother of two kids. My husband usually had to stay out of station because of his work. Because I have a 5 year old daughter also so I  don’t get much time to look after my 8 year old son. Me and my husband was thinking to send him to the boarding school, but due to lack of time we were unable to find a good one. Now I have heard about Boarding School Exhibition so I am sure that we will find a good school for our son.

    Vidhi Agrawal
  • Rahul Sharma

    It seems there is no event quite like  event anywhere else, so this is the place to be!" Being a proud parent I have put my elder daughter to a Boarding school and she is doing quite well in her studies and extra cirricular activities. Now this time again Fair Planners is hosting an Boarding School Exhibition and we are all set to explore the best boarding school in this exhibition for our son. 

    Rahul Sharma
  • Shyam Banerjee

    We found that unlike the trade or public shows, Exhibition puts representatives in direct contact with visitors so there is an opportunity for dialogue and feedback based on the offers we provide, not just the data. The personal experiences of visitors are absolutely invaluable. Looking forward to the Boarding Schools Exhibition 2016 event".

    Shyam Banerjee
  • Jasmeet Kaur

    It is a excellent opportunity given not only to students and Parents, infact lot of schools wherein we can come up and showcase the best credentials and differentials to the different Parents. Parents also from their hectic schedule just land up at one place and interact with different schools, understand their curriculum and take the right decision for their Child.

    Jasmeet Kaur