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Boarding Schools Exhibition & Education Fair - 2017


Boarding School Exhibition 2017 will be a unique experience with World Class Content, Latest Techniques, Resources and Inspiration for Students, Pupils and Residential Schools that takes the concept to a higher stratum. In the series of Education Fair starting from Patna, it will continue to provide the Direct, Convincing, National and International platform to meet face-to-face with target visitors. Education Exhibition will be a unique experience to witness this event with the two big brands THE TIMES OF INDIA and RADIO MIRCHI who are the official partners and jointly present the exhibition. Education Expo is a ladder to success for institutions presenting a world of opportunities for every student who wishes to broaden his horizon.


Highlights of Premier School Exhibition

›› An eye-catching event with new and innovative approach engaging crowd.
›› The event is the best opportunity for parents to meet the leading Boarding Schools from all over India under one roof.
›› An influential National Education Event & Premier School Exhibition.
›› It will be a unique experience with world class content, latest techniques and resources, and inspiration for students, pupils, and institutions.
›› The objective of this fair is to increase education opportunities for the parents and students and offer a wider choice for selection of schools.
›› There are big names in the fray, Number of National Boarding Schools will be participating.
›› It’s an excellent opportunity for your institutions to interact with the leading Press & Electronic Media during the event.

PATNA 15 - 16  Apr Book Your Space
RANCHI 22 - 23  Apr Book Your Space
CHANDIGARH 19 - 20  Aug Click Here 
GURGAON 03 - 04  Sep Click Here
BHOPAL 18 - 19  Nov Click Here
SURAT 25 - 26  Nov Click Here
HYDERABAD 18 - 19  Nov Click Here
BANGALORE 25 - 26  Nov Click Here
AHMEDABAD 02 - 03  Dec Click Here
MUMBAI 09 - 10  Dec Click Here
PUNE 16 - 17  Dec Click Here
DUBAI 06 - 07  Oct Click Here
BANGKOK 13 - 14  Oct Click Here
KATHMANDU 04 - 05  Nov Click Here