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Boarding Schools Expo gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to large numbers of potential students. The expo provides a unique experience for both Visitors and Exhibitors (Parents, Students and School Representatives).

The exhibition is widely promoted throughout with the objective of attracting an audience of Students, Parents, Teachers, School Heads, Academic Experts and Working Professionals. To pursue a path of success this fair gives you a unique opportunity to influence the visitors. To grab the visitor’s attention the BOARDING EDU and FAIR PLANNERS has come up with a vision to redefine the future of education and join together into the global education enhancement to strive the event to achieve strategic goals. Extreme opportunities to find the audience you won’t meet anywhere else. Many parents will arrive at your stand with a keen interest/desire to send their children boarding schools for world class education. Some of the visitors will arrive at your stand having already received admission guidance from a Consultant. Families arriving without pre-consultation are given sufficient information to meet their needs and encouraged to meet with schools to discuss the possibility of application. Registrations for specific schools can be made during the event, with school reports being made immediately available where possible. Our follow-up is thorough and on-going. Every student or parents will be provided with personalized advice regarding their choice of boarding school. In short, students for your school are supported before, during and after the Expo itself. We aim to remove the difficulties, for both schools and families.


The Best Opportunity To Showcase Your School Or Institution

With the overwhelming response year by year this time BOARDING EDU is hosting Boarding School Exhibition. With Boarding School Exhibition 2017 you can easily capitalize on this opportunity. Face to face interaction with parents, students in cost effective manner and a chance to meet them effectively. With the right strategy, you can strengthen your boarding school by exhibiting.

The Boarding School Exhibition 2017 will present an opportunity for you to meet parents and students and understand their need. Many parents want an exposure for their child to the correct educationalists and Boarding School Exhibition will help them achieve their goal only with your support and interest.


Spot Enrollments and Admission

At the Exhibition, conduct on the spot students enrollments and offer admission to the students. Generate inquiries and leads for later contact.


Print and Electronic Media Coverage

An excellent opportunity for your school to interact with the leading press and electronic media during the event

A chance for showcasing the strengths and uniqueness of your school among the affluent and eager parents community