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As an Exhibitor, this International Boarding Schools Exhibition in India creates the perfect platform for you to reach out to the families and students who are looking at further education and therefore this Career and Education Fair in India is an excellent platform for you to present your school. Promotion and advertising campaign ensure a large audience. A chance to meet thousands of new parents and develop quality leads. Get immediate feedback on what families want. This Exhibition gives you excellent opportunity to raise your profile and build awareness, learn from and network with other schools and school associations . Don’t miss attending event as it is the best opportunity to meet the families actively searching for boarding schools.

For the implementation of the Boarding School Exhibition 2017 diverse advertising and PR activities are carried out:


Fair Outline for Promotion  


Promotional Activities

››  Support to your school to reach families considering Boarding schools.
››  Special features in Times of India/Education Times on the days of the event.
››  Plan large marketing campaigns.
››  Saving your time and hassle is one of our key objectives.
››  Tie-ups with prominent Newspaper and National Magazines.
››  Radio Ads in premium FM Radio stations in the relevant cities prior the show.
››  Advertise in target media.
››  Support from local schools where Pre-registration would be conducted.
››  Flyer distribution at prominent malls, schools campuses.

Outdoor Activities

››  Outdoor hoardings at strategic points across the city days before the show.
››  Banners, Posters at prominent places.
››  Leaflet and pamphlets distributions.
››  Bus and auto back panels and banner display at bus-stops etc.

Social Media

››  Promotion through various social networking sites like G+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
››  Regular E-mail blasts and SMS Campaigns.
››  Pop-up ads on relevant / popular web-portals.
››  Extensive print publicity in Times of India & relevant local newspapers.
››  Every detail from the delivery of pre-exhibition information, material shipment and onsite assistance is well planned out.