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Discover your private education options at the Boarding School Expo - a must for every parent. The largest school fair of its kind provides you with the opportunity to speak with the school representative and prospective students. Schools present will include Boarding schools, boys, and girls boarding schools from all over India. Many times, finding the right school and course is a major worry for students and their families. This event provides the perfect platform for students and their families to explore and navigate their way through the independent education landscape in order to find the right boarding school for further studies. Many families are hesitant to call or visit a school. This event encourages student success, strong community links, and international collaboration by providing access to a wide range of boarding schools for regional, national and international students. The atmosphere of the Expo eliminates the initial unease of immediate commitment and educates families on their boarding school choices. Learn how to find the right boarding school for your child. Find out about the admissions process, when to apply and what schools look for. Determine your budget and receive information about scholarships.The fact that specialists from the global education sphere and representatives from top boarding schools gather under one roof to interact with parents, students, makes it a much-awaited event.


Visitors Expected to Attend

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