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Best Opportunity for Growth and Success 


We believe that Boarding School Exhibition 2017 will be the best platform for institutions wishing to broaden the possibilities.We are showcasing this event with an objective to bring progressive schools and the parent’s community on one platform, to help parents choose the right school for their ward. The exhibition attracts visitors from across the entire education landscape, including primary schools, secondary schools and special schools for high-class education.The boarding schools magnetize students and parents because of their infrastructure and world class education. Education remains a number one priority for every family and especially in this competitive era. As every parent wants their ward to excel not only at studies but in every field of life and when they are opting for a boarding school they are getting a complete package: academics, athletics, social life, extracurricular activities and quality supervision altogether. Students at boarding schools become accustomed to participating in a wide range of activities, develop confidence in their abilities. Above all, they will achieve all of this in the company of and with the support of a new and large number of friends. This event will mostly attract parents willing to interact directly with schools for quality information. It is your best opportunity to meet the targeted audience, raise the admission graph of your school and grow your school profile. With the two big brands Times of India and Radio Mirchi you will generate more visibility, thus your schools will ultimately benefit from this education event.


Promotional Plan:


Top Strategy to Popularize and Promote

Accepted as a major source state of national students, Bihar and Jharkhand is acclaimed as the largest education market. So the exhibition starts and attracts visitors across the entire education landscape, including primary schools, secondary schools and special schools for high-class education.

Print Advertisement-  All leading publication which has been the pioneer of  daily highest readership will be giving full media coverage to the event which includes:

››  45 days pre-event media coverage for reminding the attendees about the event and for promoting the participating schools.

››  Full page coverage of pre event and post event briefing the experience of the participants and feedback of attendees.

Radio Promotion- the most recognized name of the private FM Radio Station with top numbers of listeners will be presenting the event.

››  Prompt pre event promotion 45 days before the event for wide general appeal making it broad interest for public.

››  During the event live coverage by the top trending RJ’s assuring to make a realistic connection with the visitors so that more and more crowd engages and interact at the event.

››  Post event publicity and impressive follow-up by the participants sharing their experience and views about the event. 


Out of Home offerings


››  Boardings striking at the high-flying spots of the city.

››  Advertisement in all prominent education and lifestyle magazines.

››  Advertise in target media.

››  Support from local schools where Pre-registration would be conducted.

››  Flyer distribution at prominent mall, schools campuses.

››  Outdoor hoardings at strategic points across the city days before the show.

››  Bus and auto back panels and banner display at bus-stops etc.


Digital Advertising


››  Promotion through various social networking sites like G+, Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

››  Regular E-mail blasts and SMS Campaigns

››  Pop-up ads on relevant / popular web-portals


Building the Buzz


››  We would like to enrich our relationship through the platform of education guidance for student’s benefits. At “Boarding School Exhibition 2017” you can easily capitalize on this opportunity.

››  Spot Enrollments and Admission: At the Exhibition, conduct on the spot students enrolments and offer admission to the students. Generate inquires and leads for later contact.

››  Rejoice your accomplishment: excellent opportunity for getting media coverage and branding your school while interacting with the leading press and electronic media during the event.

››  A chance to showcase: Showcasing the strengths and uniqueness of your school among the affluent and eager parents community.